Listen to the AHS Women’s Forum Podcast interview Lauren!

On June 6, 2020, three members of the AHS Women’s Forum launched their podcast series. I was so honored to be their inaugural interviewee! We had a great conversation about sexism in the workplace, creating more opportunities for girls in STEM, and digital sexism. Olivia, Emily, and Avril were wonderful to talk with, and I am inspired by their awareness of these critical issues and their readiness to fight the good fight!

Listen here:

Read Bancroft parent Jayashree Mohandas’ unpublished letter to the Townsman.

Thank you to Bancroft parent Jayashree Mohandas for her letter to the Andover Townsman. Despite submitting it multiple times over two months, it was not published. I’d like to share it with you, since she took the time to write it.

Editor, Townsman:

As a parent of one child in elementary school and one starting Kindergarten this Fall, I am truly invested in the educational environment we are providing for our students. I’m delighted that Lauren Conoscenti is on the ballot for School Committee and I hope that you will join me in voting for her on June 9.

Working in higher education, Lauren understands well the journey that lies ahead after students leave Andover. Although my children are young, I think about their future and what they will need to be successful beyond high school. It will be very valuable to have someone on the School Committee with insight what students really need to be ready for college. That knowledge can inform our decision-making at the K-12 levels and can help keep the big picture in mind — which is to prepare our students for healthy, independent lives.

Lauren also has a remarkable way of connecting with people. At a time when the community conversations around school issues are heated, it is important to elect a School Committee member who is genuine, easy to talk to, and who can communicate with people from a diversity of backgrounds with empathy and understanding. Although she will tell you that these strengths were the product of a decade of providing therapy, it is my belief that these are not skills, but rather, qualities. This is simply who Lauren is. 

During the pandemic, I have looked to the candidates for indications of how they lead. Lauren has posted frequent updates, posed questions and shared challenges as a parent. Her opponents have been largely silent. It is imperative we vote for the most qualified candidate to continue moving our schools forward. I believe that her experience and character will be pivotal in helping make the right choices for our schools. Please join me in voting for Lauren Conoscenti on June 9.

Jayashree Mohandas

Read Andover gardener Ann Knowles’ letter to the Townsman.

Thank you, Ann Knowles, for your incredibly touching letter to the Andover Townsman on 6/4/2020. My experiences in the Andover Community Garden have been the epitome of connection, growth and pride!

Gardening is indeed a metaphor for life in so many ways, and I am eager to bring the curiosity, perseverance, and community spirit that I have cultivated with Ann and all my fellow gardeners over the past four years to our School Committee.

Read State Representative Tram Nguyen’s letter to the Townsman.

Thank you to State Representative Tram Nguyen for her letter to the Andover Townsman on 3/12/2020! I am truly humbled to have her endorsement. I’m constantly awed by Tram’s work ethic, her energy, and the way she connects with her constituents; I hope to be able to follow her example as a member of our School Committee.

“She has gained respect through her hard work and her ability to connect with many different groups in town. I look forward to working with her to bring positive, sustainable change to Andover.” Thank you, Tram! I look forward to working with you, too!

Read Paula Colby-Clements letter to the Townsman.

Thank you to AHS parent, former School Committee member, and current chair of the West Elementary School Building Committee Paula Colby-Clements for her letter to the Andover Townsman on 3/19/2020! I appreciate her vote of confidence in my ability to bring greater transparency to the community and in my fairness to all Andover constituents. I am eager to use my strengths for the betterment of our community — I’m pleased to have Paula’s vote!

Read former FinCom member Bonnie Zahorik’s letter to the Townsman.

Thank you to former member of the Finance Committee Bonnie Zahorik for her letter to the Andover Townsman on 3/19/2020! I learned so much from Bonnie during her time on the FinCom, and I’m delighted to have her support!

“I especially appreciate Lauren’s stated goal of using data visualization to bring greater transparency and understanding to a large and complex school budget. She will also help us understand whether our investments are delivering the desired benefit in the areas that matter most to our kids and to our community.”

Read AHS parent Al Uluatam’s letter to the Townsman.

Thank you to Andover High School parent Al Uluatam for his thoughtful letter to the Andover Townsman on 3/19/2020! It is a privilege to be held in such high regard by parents of children at all levels in our Andover schools.

“Because I believe Lauren is the candidate who is most qualified, best prepared and most capable of serving the broad interests of the Andover public school community, I urge my fellow residents to vote for her on March 24.”

Read former APS Superintendent Claudia Bach’s letter to the Townsman.

I am so grateful to Claudia Bach, a former superintendent of Andover schools, for her letter to the Andover Townsman on 3/12/2020. I have learned so much from her, and having her vote is an incredible honor.

“While I was blessed to work with many highly qualified School Committee people, her talents are exceptionable, and I would have been thrilled to have had this expertise on the School Committee.”

Read APS Parent Andrea Monderer’s letter to the Townsman.

Thank you to my neighbor Andrea Monderer, whose letter to the Andover Townsman on 3/12/2020 brings me right back to the day that I met her while out pushing Maddy in a stroller!

“I know that Lauren is open-minded, will analyze each issue, listen and consider all sides, gather and synthesize information, and then make an informed decision. Additionally, she has a terrific ability to bring people together.”